Essential Oils

Essential Oils

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

~Maya Angelou

There’s an Oil for that!

Smells are so powerful! Have you ever gotten a whiff of something and instantly been transported back in time? That’s because smell instantly transports information to our brains from past experiences through our olfactory system. When added to a hypnosis session, essential oils may enhance, speed up and anchor the positive changes you are creating. Essential oils can help you reach many holistic health goals because there is an oil for everything!

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are wonderfully powerful tools! Learn to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well being through the use of pure, safe and highly effective plant based alternatives. There is an oil for everything and you will leave this class amazed by how many ways essential oils can support your healthy life style. This 2 hour class is designed for a group or one-on-one and includes free samples so you can begin to experience the benefits of essential oils immediately.

  • Minimum Students: 1
  • Cost: Free (includes samples)

Essential Oils for Hypnosis

Imagine sitting down for a hypnosis session. You snuggle into a comfy chair, wearing your coziest pajamas. A cup of your favorite tea is on the table. You take a deep breath and start to feel the relaxation overtake your body. As that feeling deepens, the most divine smell floats by. What is that beautiful smell? It’s your very own diffuser blend, designed just for you and your hypnotic goals. In addition to the simple joy this smell brings, a specially designed hypnotic trance will be created for your session(s) using your essential oil blend. Your diffuser blend offers a pleasant way to deepen and strengthen your hypnosis sessions. Add 20-30 minutes to each session.

  • Add to Single Hypnosis Session (includes 5ml oil blend): $75
  • Add to 3 Session Hypnosis Package (includes 15ml oil blend): $150

Essential oils for Covid recovery

Thank goodness for essential oils!! That was my mantra for two years while navigating Long-Covid and it’s aftermath. Essential oils can help with every Covid issue. Can’t taste or smell? Have a headache, muscle aches, nausea, exhaustion, anxiety, fear and/or depression? There are oils that may help you get through the day as well as get you feeling better for the long term. Samples will be sent prior to class based on your individual needs and goals. Essential Oils 101 is strongly recommended prior to this class and can be scheduled as a two-class series.

  • Minimum Students: 1
  • Cost: $50 per person

Essential Oils for Weight Management

Essential oils are a must have tool for anyone on a holistic weight management journey. If you are looking to improve your body, mind and spirit, just one drop of oil can improve all three. During this 2 hour class, learn how essential oils can support your weight goals using them aromatically, topically and internally. Samples will be sent to you prior to class based on your individual needs and goals. Essential Oils 101 is strongly recommended prior to this class and can be scheduled as a two-class series.

  • Minimum Students: 1
  • Cost: $50 per person

Tower Hypnosis offers wonderful tools for change but they are not meant to replace professional medical care. If you are currently being treated by a healthcare professional, a referral for hypnosis is required. Tower Hypnosis is happy to discuss this with you and/or your practitioner.

If you are experiencing physical symptoms please call your healthcare provider or 911 if symptoms are extreme
If you are having psychological distress, please contact your therapist, counselor or healthcare provider.
If you are having suicidal thoughts or impulses, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255
If you are in an abusive relationship and want help please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.SAFE (7233)
If you are in need of LGBTQ services or help please call the LGBT National Hotline 888-843-4564
For additional LGBTQ resources, please visit the LGBTQIA Resource Center website
If you are in need of safe abortion information please call the National Abortion Federation Hotline 1-800-772-9100 or visit their website.

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